About Us

We are a small breeder found in the Midwest. Our name, Big River Miniature Donkey Farm comes from being located thirty minutes from the Mississippi River and Big River State Forest Park.

We are both school teachers and have two sons, Job (now 16 years) and Noah (now 15 years). As a family, we raise and care for our miniature donkeys each day. Through this growing passion, we hope to instill positive values and experiences in our sons. We feel the miniature donkey's temperament is perfect for all ages. They are docile and long to be a part of the family.

We have lived on our acreage for about ten years. We started out with one donkey that we purchased from a retired neighbor. Instantly, we fell in love with the miniatures and decided to start a small herd. Through time, we developed a successful program and now share our experiences with others. We really enjoy meeting people who have this same interest. It's great learning from others and having fun at the same time.

Big River Miniature Donkey Farm takes the time to select quality Jennies and breeding Jacks. Our goal is to establish specific conformation, color, disposition, size and pedigree: drafty with broad front and round rear, black, and sorrell in color...going back to original imports. We have select miniatures available for purchase at this time.

We welcome visitors any time.

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Big River Miniature Donkey Farm
Jeff and Brenda Runge & Sons
2236 M-A-M Trail, Monmouth, Illinois 61462
(309) 734-6728